Friday, January 29, 2016

Daddy's Birthday Blues

The pilot died at 4 am.
Who's qualified to fix it?
Daddy's birthday blues.
Pancakes on the menu, again.
Somebody's gotta mix it.
Daddy's birthday blues.

Changing itty girl clothes with giant hands,
Potty training woes and Mama's demands,
These things can weigh pretty heavy on a man.
Daddy's birthday blues.

Long day on the grind, got a beer in mind,
Daddy's birthday blues.
Man, I've been beat up,
Can't wait to put my feet up.
Daddy's birthday blues.

Just settling down,
To smooth out that frown, 
When a tiny voice pipes from the calm,
T-Rex can't battle alone, his little boy moans.
Daddy's birthday blues.

Some time with his girl would do him just fine.
Daddy's birthday blues.
Uncork that wine, babe, it's just after 9.
Daddy's birthday blues.

The candles are lit
Strains of music fill the air
When baby's cry cuts through the bliss.
Hold off on that dance,
Teething killed the romance.
Daddy's birthday blues.

It don't seem this way,
In our busy day-to-day,
When the thanks seem as thin as your patience.
But I see what you do
And I thank God for you
Life with you is the only thing that makes sense.

You get better every year and I love being part of the journey. Here's to another year of adventure. Happy birthday, sweet man! XOXO

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