Sunday, September 6, 2015

A Week In the Life of a Working Mom (Part 2)

Day 3: Hump Day
Dear Tommee Tippee,
Thank you for capitalizing on the inherent unsophistication of infants, making a bottle that, to them, handles like a boob. I don't know how you did it, but Lady totally fell for it. Her entire family, especially her Mama, is in your debt. You're miracle workers. Lying, little miracle workers.

Day 4: I Am In Hell
At least it feels like it inside my car, anyway. The AC went out in the car I just paid off last month. And just my luck, temperatures shot into the nineties after more than a week of 70-degree days. Today I had to shuttle my poor kids in rush hour traffic. It was ugly. The Bud kept telling me how hot he was, but he didn't like having the windows down, because he said the air was "too heavy in my face." Lady spit up BIG TIME in her carseat. I think she was overheated.

I grew up without air conditioning, which I don't remember being a problem. So, either weather inflation has increased the misery of summer temps 3% per year since the 80's, or they just don't make kids as sturdy as they used to.

We shouldn't leave the house. Thank God for Daddy's car. #tommorrowisanew...whatever.

Day 5: The Home Stretch
Friday, I love you so. Hearing your name gives me the hope of having nowhere to be "on time" for two whole days. Unscheduled bliss! Naps! No cars! Jammies all day!

If only I could get this excited about laundry and house cleaning...

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