Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Why It's Never A Good Idea to Write In The Middle of An Attack of Insomnia

I don't sleep well. As a general rule, I guess I gave up sleeping along with my 20's and neither was my choice. I've never completely nailed down the reason(s) for it, but I've pretty much accepted that it's just not a thing that I do well any more. It's not a total lack, or I'd be a zombie, but on a bad night I can more or less expect 3 hours or less of quality sleep. This night is turning out to be a doozy.

I can't even say that I accomplish other things that I could only accomplish if I magically had 6 or so extra awake hours/day, either. Why is it when someone can't sleep in movies, they always write songs or figure out complex mathematical equations, or something? Lies, all lies. I'm awake, exhausted and unable to sleep more than 10-15 minutes at a time until the sun comes up, but for all that I'm a career insomniac, I'm incredibly unproductive. Nothing is getting done. My brain races, but it ain't going nowhere, people (or, who am I kidding: person).

Fun fact: I only have one reader this week and apparently they read at least one post from Latvia, if the blogspot stats are to be trusted.

On one hand, I'm demoralized. One reader?! Then, on the other hand, the idea of a Latvian readership is kind of cool. Or at least novel.

The boy wakes up in an hour and a half. I am so screwed.


  1. I'm another reader, you fruit loop! Add me to Latvia.

    1. Whoops! Sorry, dear. I guess the stats aren't to be trusted. :) So glad you stop by. Makes it seem like you're closer.